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C55 Type

C55 Type

Standard ISO compactáaccording to ISO21287.

Full range of brackets available.

Tapped body with through holes for easy mounting.

Male rod thread is available as an option.

CQ2 and CDQ2 Type

CQ2 and CDQ2 Type

Unique range of products and sizes

Compact, light weight, space-saving design

Single or double acting

°12mm - 200mm
CQM Type

CQM Type

3 to 4 times stronger anti-lateral load(compared to CQ2).

Loads can be directly mounted.

Compatable mounting dimensions with CQS/CQ2.

Autoswitch is mountable/removable even when the plate is retracted.

CQS Type

CQS Type

Very compact, lightweight, space saving design

Bore sizesá°12, °16, °20, °25mm

Rubber cushion option

Flush fitting autoswitch design capability

New 2 way basic mounting (through hole/both ends tapped)

CU Type

CU Type

Bore sizes °6, °10, °16, °20, °32mm

Double/Single acting

Precise and direct mounting

Recessed switch mounting grooves

CUJ Type

CUJ Type

Mini-free Mount cylinder

Compact design saves space.

Precise and direct mounting.

Single and double acting options available.

MU and MDU Type

MU and MDU Type

A special elliptical piston design saves installation space.

Can be mounted directly from all faces.


Single acting and through-rod types also available.

RQ and RDQ Type

RQ and RDQ Type

Nearly three times the allowable kinetic energy

(compared to CQ2 and CQS).

Additional cushioning capability

Interchangeable mounting with CQS and CQM (dimension M).